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September 5, 2017

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Why does Jennifer Thompson
carry a loaded .38 caliber Smith and Wesson
in her briefcase?

Emotionally and psychologically crushed by recent personal events, Jenniferís only release is her frequent trips to the firing range. Sadly, her relief is short lived. As the next five days unfold, she imagines that the weapon taunts her to take action. Haunted by the persistent voice of the pistol, her mind further unravels, leaving her with only one solution . . .

Jennifer, is the first of a three book series titled, Ring of Fire.
Edgy fiction that will leave you clinging to every word.

Excerpt- Jennifer
©Copyright 2017, Reprinted by permission. All rights reserved.

She takes a deep breath. Her grip tightens, though the jitter in her fingertips nibbles at her concentration. Loading the next four rounds is made with no fumbling, only the loss of some dignity to which no one else is witness. The magazine snaps into place. The mechanical ratchet of the slide soothes her nerves. The last bits of nervous tremors fade away.

The first bullet enters the firing chamber.

Her aim is steady, unerring. The red circle at the center of the target is unmoving as if, in some way, bound to the pistol. She squeezes the trigger. The bullet finds its mark. The explosive echo of the shot dies slow.

Sighting the target a second time, down range, a womanís face appears. A once unclear visage now has substance. The woman blows Jenny a kiss. The warmth of the breath washes across her trigger finger.

She squeezes the trigger. The deafening explosion muffles beside the churning of her thoughts. The bullet finds purchase. The circle of red bleeds. The heart is wounded. A heart that should be sympathetic to Jenny, not deceitful, hateful. Again, she squeezes the trigger. Again the bullet wounds, maims the woman for having destroyed her life. The echo of the last shot fades, and for the moment, satisfying her sense of revenge.

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